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A huge thanks to all of our backers for making the Hexibrix a success! We are currently putting the finishing touches on the 3D model and getting ready for manufacturing. We will convert the Kickstarter funding page to an info page where we will post updates to keep our backers in the loop. Surveys will be going out shortly.

Armothe is chomping at the bit, ready to craft the Hexibrix Minifig Stand. While we have already reached the set destination we are pushing on towards some fun objectives. As our quest comes to a close we are racing to meet the $7,000 goal. We aren’t that far away! As an extra incentive we are opening up two more Add-Ons, making all six colors available to all backers who have pledged $10 and up:
Add On - Trans Light Blue & Olive Green
Now is the time to act! Reaching the $7K stretch goal will unlock one final reward……a new color of Hexibrix. After our quest we will dispatch our survey monkey to pick your brains and tally up the votes. Once decided we will announce the selected color on our campaign page & website. Each backer who pledged $10.00 and up will receive a complimentary set of the decided color.

Let’s make this happen. If you haven’t already, recruit more souls by sharing this campaign on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram wall.

Backers recently reached $6,000 an unlocked the Tan Hexibrix Add-On. This in turn generated an announcement for a $7,000 stretch goal bonus. If our campaign reaches $7,000 in funding every backer (Adventurer & Above) will receive a bonus set of x6 Hexibrix assemblies. The best part is that the backers will be the ones to determine the color :).

Stretch Goal - 7K (small)

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