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Gladius (of Invisibility) - Trans Clear

Gladius (of Invisibility) - Trans Clear
Evolving from the ancient bronze and iron edged weapons of the Hittites and Celts the Gladius became the blade that won the lands of the Roman Empire. Gladius is literally Latin for "sword" and emerged from the Iron Age to be used by Roman Legionaries from the 3rd century BC. The common Gladius was straight and double-edged, with a sharp V-shaped pointed tip and a rhomboid cross section - ideal for short, powerful thrusts. Fits most standard minifig hands.

You discover.....
You are only able to decipher a faint outline as you reach for the item in front of you. A shroud of evanescent mist attempts to conceal you, and your surroundings appear unable to detect you. While not absolutely invisible you are granted the ability to move stealthily and access skills like Shadow Step which ports you into striking range and Levitation to help you cross small obstacles. Agent be wary...aspect slows movement speed and wears off indeterminately.

Miniquins, MOCs and Minifig parts not included with purchase
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