Modern Combat & More

The next round of 30 under $.30 is underway and includes awesome products like the Rusty Flamespitter, Black Battle Helmet and Hero Sword of Fire. Donít drag your feet on these deals! After the last round sold out we had an influx of customers begging us to bring them back.

Modern Combat Accessory Packs are here! Previously available only through resellers these six heroes - stacked with stunning elements -  are all set to scout the wastelands and protect the borders from invasion. Available separately, MSRP $6.00@; or purchase the bundle at a discount.

Putting together your own WW2 MP Officer couldnít be easier. With the Military Police pack from BrickForge you can transform just about any boring figure into a well-disciplined officer. Contains 8pcs, MSRP $6.00

Loose Items
Roman Shield - Auxillary
Roman Shield - Cavalry
Electric Guitar - Red w/ print
Kukri (vs Wild edition)
Gunbelt - Red
Pauldron - White w/ Jedi Emblem
Greek Shield (Trident)

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May 3-4

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May 10-11

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June 11-12

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Urban Assault


BrickForge Goes Mad....

BrickForge joins in the March Madness by launching "30 under .30". Every two weeks we will feature a new batch of 30ish items all priced under $0.30 each. Pick up some really cool pieces for mere pennies then check back the following week or so for new ones. Of course, this means that once each round expires, the pieces go back to normal retail price...or will be removed from inventory forever. To insure you don't miss out we will Tweet the beginning of each round every two weeks; follow us @brickforge.

are back with a twist. Browse our Centaur Accessory Kits to find your favorite four-legged fantasy figures: Charger, Destrider, Lancer, Scout & Stormer; each with a handful of handy accessories.

Also featured are an assortment of overstock items used in previous packs. Check out the limited assortment of shields, plumes & mini-scale firearms. More being listed weekly! Our Facebook page is the best source of news, new releases & other fun stuff.

Cenaur - Stormer


Feb 50% Off Sale Over!

A resounding 'Thank You' to all who participated in our 50% off sale last month. Armothe had a wonderful birthday - no doubt due to all the well wishes you guys sent in.


BrickForge 50% Special Ending Soon!

Thanks to all who participated in wishing Armothe a Happy Birthday! The celebration sale lasts through the end of February so itís not too late to grab 50% off loose pieces.

We recently returned from Toyfair, NY where we saw a lot of cool toys, including whatís up-and-coming from LEGO. We handed out some unique-looking business cards and debuted our new BrickForge logo! Follow us on Facebook for photos!

New in the store is our Desert Ranger accessory pack. This kit includes our ultra-popular Dark Tan camouflage Tactical Vest & Helmet, along with desert-themed weapons & gear. Look for more Modern Combat & Powered Assault Commando packs coming soon!

Desert Ranger


Armothe's February Birthday Bash (50% off Sale)

Hear Ye Faithful Subjects!

The mighty Armothe - head forgemaster at the BrickForge - attains 40 life cycles this month. In joyous celebration we are offering to all in the realm an unparallelled 50% sale off loose BrickForge elements.

The sale has already begun (Feb 1st) and will last through Feb 28th at midnight. Yes, we gave the truly devoted a few days head start to fill their baskets with bountiful goodness; but now we have opened the portcullis for all to partake.

Our Birthday Bash sale only applies to loose elements, not accessory kits or blind bags. Nor does the sale stack with other existing discounts (see details here). Act with expedience though - we've uncovered a lot of inventory and there are plenty of unique items you probably haven't encountered. Of course, now is a great time to stock up on a cache of parts for your minifigs and accessorize those MOCs you started building this year.

Oh...one last request...when you place your order be sure to wish Armothe a 'Happy Birthday' in the comments; and we'll toss in something extra cool!

Enjoy! - the BrickForge underlings

Armothe is 40!


Happy New Year From BrickForge!

Before the celebration begins we wanted to give you a quick heads up on some new releases.

Seven Character Kits were revealed last week:
Diadome 2-Pack: Simulate competitive alien tournaments with a heap of colorful elements
Powered Assault Commandos: Orange, Yellow & Medium Blue to brighten the ranks
UN Peacekeeper: Dress up and station figs across your MOCs to deter curious hands
Alien Bug Hunter: Keep unwanted xenomorphs at bay with this cache of accessories

So far these Character Kits are exclusive to the BrickForge website but may find distribution through our channel of resellers later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for a few more coming out later this month.

If packs aren't your thing then perhaps the 20+ accessories might pique your interest? Most of these stunning elements have special print applied to make them appear two-tone. What better way to dress up your custom minifig than with a multi-colored accessory....who need expensive overmolds anyways! Our favorites are the blood-spattered Shredder Gun, Olive Green Kukri and the Kryptonite Gemstone.

Lastly, if you are looking for a bunch of bargain ballistics you may want to invest in our Eye-Poppin', Butt Whoppin' Super Mega Weapons Packs (Style A & B). $6 will land you x25 of the most vibrant weapons in the galaxy. Two styles to choose from.

Hope to serve you in 2014!

The BrickForge Staff
Alien Bashin'


October Free Shipping

The month of October is halfway over and our Free Shipping Promotion is still growing strong. Terms: Get free First Class shipping* when you purchase any two BrickForge Accessory Packs. What are Accessory Packs you ask? Each pack is overloaded with a cache of elements geared towards dressing up a central themed character. Just yesterday we released our Ninja packs - containing 10 skull-splitting, limb-chopping, gut-stabbing iconic weapons. Now is the perfect time to sample any of our character packs - Gladiators, Romans, Crusaders, Ninjas, Tactical Squad or STAR Patrol. Also recently released - a few Dark Brown & Green individual accessories; supplies limited so check'em out now.

*in some cases orders may be upgraded to Priority shipping depending on amount ordered
**offer not available to resellers or wholesalers

BrickFore Crusader Pack