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Special Offers

Weekly Steals (recurring)
While the Angry Dwarfsmith is off exploring new alloys the armory has been raided by a band of Wolfpack Rogues. Every week they loot TEN items and offer them for sale on the BrickForge Black Market. We currently don't have the security measures to prevent this agregious assault on our sovereignty so you might as well swipe as many deals as you can until the Dwarfsmith returns. Needless to say these are priced to move, and once they are gone.....they are gone......possibly for good. Please make the Weekly Steals section a place to visit every few days to see what's new. As usual we will keep our fans updated through social media and bi-weekly e-mails.
Tiered Discount (automatic)
Spend $50 and receive a 10% discount
Spend $200 and receive a 12% discount
Spend $500 and receive a 15% discount
Spend $1000 or more and receive a 20% discount