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Scooter - Black (Happy Pappy)

Scooter - Black (Happy Pappy)

Considered a younger cousin of the motorcycle the Scooter is a lighter-weight mobility vehicle featuring a more open step-through design as well as a flat floorboard for the motorist's feet. In many parts of the world, such as Asia and Europe, motor scooters are a popular form of urban transportation due to their low cost and simple drive-ability. Sign your minifig up for a tour around Tuscany or help your delivery fig arrive at their destination in 30 minutes or less. The Scooter, designed in conjunction with fan favorite Arealight , features several standard 1x1 connection points to attach all sorts of accessories or cargo.
Scooter accommodates most standard minifigs.

Scooter is sold unassembled with the following parts:
Scooter (body) x1
Scooter (handlebars) x1
Scooter (wheels) x2
Front Tire (narrow) x1
Rear Tire (broad) x1

Body, Handlebars & Wheels are same color. DARK TAN Tires.
Miniquins, MOCs and Minifig parts not included with purchase
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just one more thing...
Posted by Centaur71 on 12/03/16
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Great idea w/ the scooters, but maybe if you add elements for a (clr)head lamp and (red) tail lamp too?
Posted by on 12/19/15
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