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Recurve Bow

Recurve Bow

Early bows had a fairly basic shape and were made of carved or flat planes of wood. The Recurve Bow took physics to the next level by utilizing composite materials and a unique double-rounded shape. The additional curves store more energy than an equivalent straight-limbed bow, potentially giving a greater amount of cast to the arrow. Such a design permits a shorter, compact bow - ideal for archers on horseback or traveling through thick forest terrain. Grooves on upper and lower limbs allow you to actually string the Recurve Bow using fishing line or thread. Fits most standard minifig hands.
Miniquins, MOCs and Minifig parts not included with purchase
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Recurve BowRecurve Bow
Dark Orange
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In Stock:199
Recurve BowRecurve Bow
Dark Tan
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In Stock:1035
Recurve BowRecurve Bow
Reddish Brown
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In Stock:332
Recurve BowRecurve Bow
Medium Dark Flesh
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In Stock:543

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