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Product Sponsorship


Due to the sheer volume of inventory being run we have currently suspended the Color Sponsorship program. We sincerely apologize to customers that enjoy using our products in creative ways. If you are a reseller and require a large quantity of one of our elements please contact sales@brickforge.com directly.


“Will you send us a few free BrickForge elements to put in our event MOC? In exchange we’ll put a sign on our display with your logo on it”

Uhm…no. First off, the guys and gals running the shows don’t want the event displays turned into advertisements, so we won’t disrespect them like that. Second, we only want to see our product/s in your MOC if you believe it’s a good fit, not because they’re free. With that said, sometimes Armothe meets individuals at such events and offers to sponsor a creative layout using BrickForge products with special colors/prints on them. If you think you are one of those people, feel free to contact us.

Will you sponsor my YouTube channel, Instagram and/or Facebook account? I promise to feature your products everyday.”

While we admire your devotion to the hobby we simply won’t pay customers to say good things about our products.