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Hexibrix - Minifig Display Stand

For the past two years the Forgemasters have been busy crafting and perfecting an elusive accessory - similar to how a Wizard mixes a secret potion in private. A handful of individuals came together to help this element move beyond a mere concept and into physical form.

The HEXIBRIX Minifig Display Stand is a new and unique way to display your minifigs and masterful creations. It's set apart from other, basic stands because the creators contemplated a modular, buildable construction with miniature wargaming in mind. True to form the HEXIBRIX is an irregular hexagon that stands two plates high with a 4x4 (stud) footprint - roughly 32mm or 1.25". Here are a few bits about the HEXIBRIX:

- an irregular Hexagon because not all sides are of equal length, this is because...
- a regular Hexagon with 6 equal sides can not fasten to standard construction baseplates, bricks & other elements; so it...
- is actually based on an official part. Which means...
- its 4x4 stud footprint can attach seamlessly to standard construction baseplates, bricks & other elements, in addition to stacking onto itself!
- is constructed two plates tall which allows for...
- a much stronger base that prevents tipping and easily supports small creations, and...
- contains a hollow 2x2 round core which fits our two HEXIDISX components or official 2x2 round elements
- this means the minifigure or creation can rotate and face any direction no matter how the HEXIBRIX is oriented
- each HEXIDISX insert is a 2x2 round plate

- the HEXIBRIX is 32mm (1.25") long which works well with BattleTech, GeoHex, Heroscape and Chessex maps
- for 25mm (1") gaming maps either of the HEXIDISX can be popped out of the hollow core and use as a lower profile stand, helping minifigs remain upright during battle
- each HEXIBRIX assembly includes two types of HEXIDISX: one with two studs and another with four studs
- also included is a single HEXILINX, which can link multiple HEXIBRIX together to create a secure grid for terrain building or gaming
- multiple HEXIBRIX can be used for terrain, obstacles or to simulate an entire minecraft-like map
- the HEXIBRIX features two additional hollow studs located crosswise for secure stacking, adding decorative items like grass or trees or positioning additional accessories
- view the HEXIBRIX Series - Episode 2 YouTube VIDEO for more information

HEXIBRIX are sold as an assembly. Each assembly retails for $0.85 and includes:
   x1 HEXIDISX w/ 2 Studs
   x1 HEXIDISX w/ 4 studs
We also sell bundles of SIX assemblies for $4.49.

Hexibrix Episode 0: Introduction to the Hexibrix
Hexibrix Episode 1: Minifig Stand/Base
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Q: Why did you make the HEXIBRIX?
A: While there exists a half-dozen or so single plate stands on the market we felt they lacked style and the ability to integrate into standard construction elements

Q: What makes the HEXIBRIX so unique?
A: It's ability to stack and display a minifig facing any direction

Q: Can it also be used to display other creations?
A: Yes, the HEXIBRIX is sturdy enough to hold and elevate many different construction models

Q: How can I use the HEXIBRIX for miniature wargaming?
A: The HEXIBRIX is a great platform for displaying your brick-based characters. They are designed to hold extra equipment or other decorations during gameplay

Q: Why a hexagon?
A: When gaming squares differ in that the distance along the diagonal is greater than from side to side, providing an advantage when a unit moves successive diagonal spaces. A circle is the perfect shape to solve the issue as the locus of all points are equidistant from a single point. However consecutive, adjoining circles leave multiple gaps - including the gaps as spaces basically creates a hex and is ultimately the densest way to organize circles in 2 dimensions. Just ask the honey bees.

Q: Why is the hexagon shape irregular?
A: We had to do this because a regular hexagon with equilateral sides will not connect to a series of standard rows of studs and maintain modularity. In short, if we wanted the HEXIBRIX to be compatible with leading construction toy brands we had to slightly elongate the hex shape.

Q: What are the exact dimensions of the HEXIBRIX?
A: 31.80 mm long by 30.70mm wide and 6.35mm thick
A: 1.25 inches long by 1.20 inches wide and .25 inches thick
A: 4x4 Stud footprint

Q: How tight does the HEXIDISX fit inside the HEXIBRIX?
A: It is fairly snug. The HEXIDISC does fit to the inside of the HEXIBRIX using a stud-tube connection point. The assembly provides enough give to rotate the HEXIDISX with your fingers or other brick element and can be popped out from the underside using most 3mm tubes or other small cylindrical objects.

Q: Where can I purchase the HEXIBRIX assemblies?
A: They will be available at www.brickforge.com as individual assemblies or bundled in packs. Please also check with our list of loyal retailers.