Incoming Updates

Check out the Mechonaut Steampunk Guards

Armothe was asked to create an incentive for a collaborative steampunk giveaway for Bricks Cascade 2016.  With the help of a really awesome shield design he designed the Mechonaut Guards. "BrickForge accessories are so versatile I just dumped several of them out and started interlocking them to make interesting weapon assemblies". If you are attending the event, maybe you should see what you can contribute to the layout so you can earn one of these cool packs?  

Customizing Corner

Massive Site Upgrade

Those visiting over the next few hours may wonder what is going on. No worries. We are undertaking a much needed, multi-faceted site upgrade. With over 8 million hits a month our website has been running beyond capacity for the past few weeks. The front page - which you see now is …

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