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Altered EGO Component Diagram

For those of you curious about the new BrickForge Altered EGO components Armothe has whipped up this diagram to demonstrate how each part interacts with each other. When you're done deciphering the schematic, head on over to the Altered EGO product pages to view color selection & availability. For a larger diagram click here.

Altered EGO Features

familiar Head design with quad-vent air ejection ports
multi-frame 'bowtie' torso design fits Altered EGO Hips or traditional twin-peg hips and includes standard arm holes
hips include 3.175 'rod' leg-pegs for added customization with …

Customizing Corner

Massive Site Upgrade

Those visiting over the next few hours may wonder what is going on. No worries. We are undertaking a much needed, multi-faceted site upgrade. With over 8 million hits a month our website has been running beyond capacity for the past few weeks. The front page - which you see now is …

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