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Although Rangers have been around for centuries the US Ranger Battalion was officially sanctioned during WW2 and saw combat in the European, African and Pacific theaters. They tackled some of the toughest missions and were notorious for  infiltrating tough, entrenched enemy positions. Their rugged training included a 14 mile march in two hours, firing weapons accurately while on the run and striking up a cooking fire that gave off little smoke. Most important the US Ranger learned the value of stealth and surprise in combat. Their use of camouflage utilizing painted stripes and local vegetation helped to keep them concealed during their intense missions

World at War Accessory Kits have been deployed and are on the march to invade your tinyfig collection! Outfit your troops with any of the different character packs - featuring scaled-down accessories like the Allied M1 helmet, stamped with different squad symbols.

• Contains eleven compatible miniature accessories
• M1 Helmet, Supply Strap, Equipment Belt, Holster, Haversack, Ammunition Pouch, Supply Pouch, 1903 Springfield, Colt Revolver, Pineapple Grenade, Garrison Cap
• Made from high-quality, tested ABS plastic
• Compatible with leading brands

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