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Tales of magical creatures, ancient myths, and generations of folklore are the inspiration behind BrickForge Fantasy Accessory Packs!  Immerse your tinyfigs in a new age of visual splendor with these fantastical elements! Centaurs, according to Greek mythology, were a composite race of creatures, part human and part horse. These strange creatures had the head arms and chest of a man but the legs and lower half of a horse. Some were noble and wise, many were savage and ruthless bringing shame upon their kind. Conforming to official standards the Centaur piece allows you to add your own body parts to create your own ancient folk hero. Additional connection points allow for equipment storage or seating for a bold equestrian. Bundled with an assortment of armaments.

- Centaur Body
- Turban w/ Arabian Helmet
- Elven Spear
- Sai
- Cutlass

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