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* 'Fallschirmjäger'

Death from above! These fierce aerial infantrymen were so exceptional they became known as the ‘green devils’. Beginning their attacks from a mile above they landed on target, ready to capture the objective. Their collection of armament & gear insures a safe landing and continued success during their mission.

World at War Accessory Kits have been deployed and are on the march to invade your tinyfig collection! Outfit your troops with any of the different character packs - featuring scaled-down accessories like the Allied M1 helmet, stamped with different squad symbols.

• Contains ten compatible miniature accessories
• Field Cap, M35 Helmet, FG-42 w/ clip, DKL Scope, Field Suspenders, Bedroll, Parachute, Ammunition Pouch x2, Stick Grenade (Head + Handle)
• Made from high-quality, tested ABS plastic
• Compatible with leading brands

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