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The Angry Dwarfsmith brings much rejoicing to the custom minifig world by debuting two of our most popular items in two new colors.

Trans Neon Green – sometimes called ‘antifreeze’ by enthusiasts is what the child of Trans Yellow and Trans Green might look like if they shared a milkshake. If you are at all familiar with this color then you’ll want to head to your favorite novelty store and pickup some Blacklight Bulbs of whose light aforementioned color illuminates vividly under.

Glow in the Dark is also a must have since you’ll now be able to locate your favorite minifigs even after the lights go out. This color matches the official Trans Glow in the Dark color and after a minute under bright light is certain to radiate a pale-green hue for quite some time.

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  • Amazing! Since I was a child I’ve always had an affinity for stuff that glows in the dark. Will definitely be adding these to my collection soon!

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