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The fellas over at The BrickShow felt it worthwhile to feature an energetic review of some BrickForge items. Any LEGO fan should bookmark their site as they showcase weekly vid-reviews of various LEGO sets. Great for getting a glimpse of what’s inside the box before you make your next purchase! Thanks guys!

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  • 1800 views! That’s a lot of people!

  • Seems like xbox enthusiasts here, I am a fan too and like to play video games… my girlfriend says I play too much, but man it’s so entertaining. I’ve been playing cod: modern warfare 2 and halo for weeks and can’t quit! What would you guys recommend? Anyhow, seems like a cool blog, is this wordpress? I’ve created a few pages myself and it’s not easy. Thanks for taking time to post.

  • 1800 views! That’s a lot of people!

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