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BrickForge Gift Cards make for great stocking stuffers for the holiday season. With over 100 different products to choose from – in over 20 different colors – selecting the right accessories can be a daunting task. Gift cards are a simple alternative and allow the recipient to choose what items they want for their collection. Gift cards/certificates can be sent via e-mail; or choose to have a vibrant, foil-embossed card sent to them. Each card will arrive in a stylish, semi-translucent envelope and contain a unique gift code that can be entered during the checkout out process. Visit the gift certificate section of our store to order one right now!

T-shirts are back! With a whopping six vibrant colors you’re sure to stand out in the crowd wearing our Jerzees brand black tee featuring the flaming brick. Excellent gift for the Holiday Season!

Available in 4 adult sizes and 2 kids.

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