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Just an FYI:
For whatever reason the Australian Customs deems it necessary to hold some inbound packages for an extended period of time. Judging from their Twitter update (yes, they have a Twitter acct) they are experiencing some longer-than-expected delays in relaying packages from the United States. Please keep this in mind when you Aussies are ordering from us over the next few weeks.

I figured it was obvious but since we’ve had a few concerns from customers  I wanted to mention that orders being shipped to Europe may be delayed due to the cloud of ash belching out of an Icelandic volcano. Orders will still be processed and handed off to the USPS within 48 hours. Okay, I admit I was only looking for a reason to post this cool mini moc.

Volcano Miniland by Marcobessa

It will be impossible to miss your order next time you open up your mailbox. To help prevent your package getting lost in the sea of mail we are now shipping all First Class orders in our swag-a-licious black envelopes. The compact self-sealing mailers feature a giant BrickForge logo and website URL. Additionally, our shipping process is now entirely automated so delivery information, postage & customs declaration are now printed on professional self-stick mailing labels. Postage also includes Delivery Confirmation so US customers can track the progress of their parcel. Just another way to make your experience at BrickForge a bit more special.

Due to the crazy amount of snow dropped onto Ohio we are experiencing a 24 hr delay in shipping out orders. Please also keep in mind that Monday was a holiday and even the USPS has been difficulty keeping up with deliveries during the snowstorms.

I know several of you placed orders last week hoping to get them in time for December 25. In our experience, if you ordered on or after Dec 18 (including Priority) it is going to be hit-or-miss due to the sheer volume of mail that is processed by the USPS during these few weeks. We worked extra hard packing oodles of goodies the past few days and got ’em out the door as fast as possible. Whether you have BrickForge under your tree in time for that magical morning is entirely in Santa’s hands now.

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