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We thought you’d like to get an early start on Valentines Day so we felt it appropriate to offer up some desirable delicacies. These are limited edition and most likely will not be restocked so pick’em up now!

Various colors of Powered Assault Commando gear & Military Helmets are back in stock. Click on the Shop tab above to check’em out. We are also pleased to introduce Red & Reddish Brown Military Helmets and Red & Dark Bluish Gray Vambraces!

Our new website enables us to post news more frequently; we will do our best to announce stock updates as they arrive. Please refrain from contacting us directly about the restock of certain items. We receive hundreds of these inquiries daily and cannot respond to them. Most items are restocked within 60 days of depletion. Please also note that some items are Limited Edition and will not be restocked on a regular basis and can possibly even become unavailable at any time.

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