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A few weeks ago we gave you a glimpse of a new color by releasing a Medium Blue Beret and Military Helmet for a limited time. We are pleased to see them return – along with several other products! Of special note is the screen-printed UN Helmet, Mushroom & Scooter. Also available are a cache of colorful weapons & accessories for your more vibrant minifigs.

As the spooky holiday approaches we are pleased to expand our line of magical items by featuring Trans Red which is ideal for summoning creatures of every kind to fight by your side. Also, be sure to check out the various plumes and Powered Assault Visor in Trans Red as well.

Mushrooms are here! Released at BrickFair ’09 we’ve received a lot of positive feedback and the time is ripe to give everyone a chance to snatch some up. The variety of colors and designs are sure to make your MOC a more colorful place for your minifigs.

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