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Beware evil beings! The Enchanted Forest has a new protector: The Centaur. Whether considered beast or being these unique creatures are both skilled warriors and diviners of magic. Conforming to official standards the Centaur piece allows you to add your own minifig body parts to create your own ancient folk hero. Additional connection points allow for equipment storage or seating for a bold equestrian.

Also check out the Recurve Bow – the perfect weapon for your Centaur clan. The unique shape takes physics to the next level by utilizing composite materials and a unique double-rounded shape. The additional curves store more energy than an equivalent straight-limbed bow, potentially giving a greater amount of cast to the arrow. Such a design permits a shorter, compact bow – ideal for traveling through thick forest terrain.

The SWAT team rolls into town with some new BrickForge gear!
We brought a few hundred to BrickWorld this year and they were sold out within 3 days! Grab’em while you can!

The Angry Dwarfsmith brings much rejoicing to the custom minifig world by debuting two of our most popular items in two new colors.

Trans Neon Green – sometimes called ‘antifreeze’ by enthusiasts is what the child of Trans Yellow and Trans Green might look like if they shared a milkshake. If you are at all familiar with this color then you’ll want to head to your favorite novelty store and pickup some Blacklight Bulbs of whose light aforementioned color illuminates vividly under.

Glow in the Dark is also a must have since you’ll now be able to locate your favorite minifigs even after the lights go out. This color matches the official Trans Glow in the Dark color and after a minute under bright light is certain to radiate a pale-green hue for quite some time.

As someone noted – “Its surprising how the character of an object can change so much when you change the color.” Which is why we pride ourselves in offering our custom minifig accessories in a multitude of colors. So without further ado, here are some additional Green items for your consideration: Savage Mask, Hero Hair, Great Helm, Neck Armor.

If your custom minifig troops are in need of some rank-n-file then be sure to invest in some color coordinating BrickForge Pauldrons. Quick reminder that these colors are printed on a soft plastic product; bending and twisting them could cause the ink to fissure or flake.

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