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One of our most highly-requested items – the Dark Red Beret – finally makes an appearance. But what’s the fun without some other colorful products to show off? The Lime Green is,as one of our Flickr fans put it – HOT!!

Available in our store:
Dark Blueish Gray: Powered Assault Armor & Helmet, MegaGun
Dark Green: Lamppost, Electric Guitar, Drumsticks, Mohawk, Ponytail, Maverick Hair, Double Plume (great for Dragon Knights!)
Assortment of screen printed Acoustic Guitars & Violins

BrickCon 2010 is in full swing and we couldn’t think of a better time to introduce some brand-spanking new items.


On the heels of our infamous Centaur & other recently-released gear, BrickForge is proud to present ten new out-of-sight accessories.

Launch an offensive with the sleek-but-deadly Battle Rifle and heavy assault Coilgun. These two cosmic caliber weapons will drive back any alien attackers or strike fear among interplanetary intruders. If you forgot to wear Ammo Pouches and run out of boom-power, just slip on a set of our Brass Knuckles for some up close and personal pounding.

For more modern appeal equip your grunts with the simple-but-sure Grease Gun. Our Backpack conveniently stows the new trench Shovel and Canteen while the Soldier Helmet provides a bit of shelter from shell-shock.

The Cutlass is great for swashbuckling while the Hatchet can be used for chopping wood or fending off local savages. Our Bayonet clips onto the BrickForge Musket or any other accessory designed with a standard 3.1mm section; such as the Battle Rifle or Coilgun, making for a truly painful experience.

Available now in the BrickForge Store. Several more colors coming soon.

A few of you have already caught these on Flickr but we wanted to formally announce some new goodies. Keep in mind most of these are limited edition runs and will most likely not be regularly restocked once they run out.

Mini instruments from BrickForge are here! Bring down the house by creating your own minifig rock band. Both the Acoustic and Electric Guitar feature a 1.5mm half-round neck and rear connection point so your guitarist can tap and thrash all night long. The Violin features similar components and works well with a string quartet or fiddling on a roof. A set of Drumsticks round out the set – giving your drummer some tokens to toss into the crowd at the end of the show. Don’t forget to place a few of our Microphones at center stage before raising the curtain. It’s going to be a great show! Additional colors available soon.


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