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new colors

Yeah, so we listed like 200 items this weekend. Most everything is now available in Steel & Trusilver – swords, shields, helmets, guns, equipment, etc…. Don’t forget you can search by Color to speed up your search.

Let me tell you – the Trusilver color is quite wicked! Dark Pink & Orange Guitars, Stix & Hair also available. Powered Assault gear in Steel!!!

And just in time for the summer Blockbuster we have accessories belonging to everyone’s favorite American Hero.

BrickForge expands its color palette yet again! Say hello to Army Green. Accessorize with some drab and show off those stunning screen-printed items: ‘Sarge’, ‘Doc’ the medic and our US infantry Backpack.

A few of you have already caught these on Flickr but we wanted to formally announce some new goodies. Keep in mind most of these are limited edition runs and will most likely not be regularly restocked once they run out.

Most of our gear is now available in Dark Blueish Gray. Previously we announced that (old) Dark Gray would be phasing out and slowly replaced with the newer Dark Blueish Gray to maintain consistency with the official color palette. Enjoy!

Fans and forum members have been clamoring for a quality Riot Shield for their custom minifigs. BrickForge answered the call and are now offering both a blank and screen printed version. As you can see the Police shield fits right into the CITY theme whereas the blank one allows for all sorts of customization. We might suggest grouping them with our Nightstick and Military Helmet for a complete ensemble.

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