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Crowd Control

Fans and forum members have been clamoring for a quality Riot Shield for their custom minifigs. BrickForge answered the call and are now offering both a blank and screen printed version. As you can see the Police shield fits right into the CITY theme whereas the blank one allows for all sorts of customization. We might suggest grouping them with our Nightstick and Military Helmet for a complete ensemble.

Pretty in Pink

We thought you’d like to get an early start on Valentines Day so we felt it appropriate to offer up some desirable delicacies. These are limited edition and most likely will not be restocked so pick’em up now!

New Tan Items

Grab up some of your old favorites in Tan!

BrickForge Wave 4 ’09 – 12 New Products

BrickForge is proud to bring the community 12 new minifig accessories in three great colors.

  • Power Blade
  • Cleaver
  • Golf Club
  • Phaser
  • Sovereign Sword
  • Raider Blade
  • Sickle
  • Wizard Sword
  • Saw
  • Sai
  • Hook Sword
  • Rogue Biter

Reinforcements Have Arrived

A few weeks ago we gave you a glimpse of a new color by releasing a Medium Blue Beret and Military Helmet for a limited time. We are pleased to see them return – along with several other products! Of special note is the screen-printed UN Helmet, Mushroom & Scooter. Also available are a cache of colorful weapons & accessories for your more vibrant minifigs.

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