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Although Armothe & others will be in attendance, BrickForge was not invited to participate this year. While we are a bit sad our fans won’t be able to pickup some BF goodies this year we are still excited to participate as attendees. Needless to say, we will be there instead of here; which means we will not be packing orders Thurs-Sun. Normal operations will resume on Monday, Oct. 3.

Registrants (exhibitors) of BrickMagic will receive a set of our limited edition smart phone and tablet computer. These were made exclusively for BrickMagic and will NOT be available for sale on our website. Register for the event NOW (May 5-8) or bribe a friend to get you one.

If you are anywhere near Indiana this weekend you may want to stop by the Boone County 4H Fairgrounds and check out all the wonderful LEGO creations. BrickForge will be there with some of our new stuff – in new colors – so head towards the flames and prepare to be scorched!

Saturday October 16th
10am – 5pm
Sunday October 17th
10am – 4pm

Adults – $8.00
Kids 4-12 – $5.00
Kids under 4 – FREE

Although you’ve had all summer to construct that old-world MOC for the BrickCon 2010 Castle Layout we teamed up with Josh over at Classic-Castle to provide some last-minute incentive. Anyone contributing an eligible piece for the Castle Layout at this year’s BrickCon will receive one of these shiny BrickForge Paladin Packs. We can only give out 40 so it’s first-come, first-served. Be sure to read this post: then get in touch with Josh as soon as possible.

Five different Paladin Packs feature the Elf, Viking, Knight, Warrior and Spartan. Each pack features a never-seen-before Gold Chrome Helmet and comes with an assortment of (Pearl) Gold and White accessories. It’s our way of saying ‘bless you’ for your noble and virtuous efforts towards making this year’s Castle display even more special. Josh and the other Castle coordinators will be in charge of handing these out. Of course you’ll be able to swing on over to the BrickForge booth and pick up some extra goodies for the show. See ya there!

As a few of you know BF is heading to BF….er…yeah. As usual we’ll be selling our coveted custom minifig accessories – look for us inside the vendor area. The theme this year is “Music” and registered attendees will be getting some samples of our new items (in non-production colors). If you didn’t make the cut be sure to stop by Sat & Sun during public hours to get some of the goods.

Because we’ll be gone for a few days any orders placed aftaer 9PM EST tonight will have to wait til we get back to ship out.

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