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* Crusader - Templar Knight (White)
* Crusader - Templar Knight (White)

Reenact epic battles from a time long ago with BrickForge Historical Accessory Packs! Iconic, detailed armor & weaponry straight out of the pages of history - ideal for equipping your favorite hero or an entire battalion of troops. Don your Great Helm, tighten your tunic & pick up your sacred sword...its time for adventure! Mounted on their trusty steed, banners a-wavin' the Crusader Knight marches towards conflict. Will they make it to the holy city or be intercepted by equally-zealous warriors? You decide!

Crusader (Templar Knight)
- Great Helmet
- Double Plume
- Tunic
- Waist Armor
- Knight Shield
- Sovereign Sword
- Wizard Sword

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