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* Roman Legionary - Auxiliary
* Roman Legionary - Auxiliary

Reenact epic battles from a time long ago with BrickForge Historical Accessory Packs! Iconic, detailed armor & weaponry straight out of the pages of history - ideal for equipping your favorite hero or an entire battalion of troops. Loaded down with an assortment of armor, weapons & trappings the Roman Legionary underwent rigorous training & unmatched disciplines - making him one of the most feared troops that tread across the earth.

Roman Legionary (Auxiliary)
- Legionary Helmet (Steel)
- Commander Crest (Blue)
- Neck Armor (Steel)
- Segmented Pauldrons (Steel)
- Roman Shield (Blue w/ Auxiliary pattern)
- Waist Scabbard (Tan or Dark Tan)
- Pilum (Steel)
- Gladius (Silver)

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