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* Dart Tag Accessory Pack (Delta Team)
* Dart Tag Accessory Pack (Delta Team)

It's BrickForge, or nuthin'! Remember the fun times you had pelting your buds with foam suction darts? Extend the joy to your miniature counterparts with the BrickForge Dart Tag pack. Alpha and Delta team packs feature a multitude of multicolor accessories - some of which are exclusive to these packs!

Dart Tag (Delta Team)
- Maverick Hair
- Dart Tag Vest - Black w/ Medium Orange Crosshairs
- Medium Orange Darts (x2)
- Megagun
- Bow Striker - White
- Multi Arrow Pack
- Canister Gun - Bright Light Orange
- 'Foam' Sword - Lime Green & Medium Orange
- Automag - Lime Green

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