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* Shock Trooper - Lightning Squad
* Shock Trooper - Lightning Squad

Shock Troopers are an exclusive galactic syndicate that specialize in orbital & aerial-dropped shock infantry and special warfare tactics. Their advanced equipment & training allow them to conduct missions against targets that more conventional forces cannot approach undetected. Squads are proficient in performing highly specialized, small scale, high-risk operations and employ specialized capabilities to seize, destroy, capture, exploit, recover or damage designated targets. Despite rigorous training & insurmountable requirements, these highly-trained soldiers still require the latest in protective gear & armaments to complete a successful mission. Suit up with the Shock Trooper Armor & Helmet to avoid being fragged and sent back to the previous checkpoint. An assortment of weaponry can be swapped out depending on the mission. With such accessories at your side your fig will be unstoppable.

Lightning Squad (limited edition)
- Shock Trooper Helmet (Bright Light Orange w/ Dark Purple visor)
- Shock Trooper Armor (Bright Light Orange w/ Dark Purple emblem)
- Shredder Gun (Bright Light Orange)
- Automag Shock Pistol (Bright Light Orange)
- Sub Orbital Machine Gun (Dark Purple)

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