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Cow - White (Ayrshire)
Cow - White (Ayrshire)

The Ayrshire is a breed of dairy cattle originating from Ayrshire in Scotland. They are known for their reddish brown markings, ability to convert grass into milk efficiently, and hardiness. They also have a very "spirited" nature, which may or may not be desirable. No farm should be without a few of these bovines strolling about the barnyard or grazing along the countryside. The BrickForge Ayrshire Cow features a 2-stud wide design, articulated head, 1x2 cut-out and custom screen print design reminiscent of the traditional Horse piece. Add an Udder for a splash of realism or a set of Horns to turn Bessie into Brutus. Cow comes preassembled, molded in White ABS plastic.

Horns & Udders sold separately.

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