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Modern Combat - Mountain Stalker

Modern Combat - Mountain Stalker
No matter the environment, no matter the mission the Modern Combat series from BrickForge is ready to deploy into any miniworld conflict. High up in the mountains the Mountain Stalker patrols the jagged borders of his homeland, eliminating any snooping scouts that wander too close. Camouflage gear allows the commando to mask his location as he begins to take aim. The high-tensile Compound Bow guides an assortment of Arrows quietly to their mark. When stealth is no longer an option the Incendiary Arrow and Tactical Assault Rifle provide for diversion while the soldier calls for backup on the Walkie Talkie. Also includes Goggles & Gunbelt for storage.

Mountain Stalker
- Tactical Helmet (Dark Bley w/ Camouflage)
- Tactical Vest (Dark Bley w / Camouflage)
- High-Altitude Mask (Dark Bley)
- Gunbelt (Dark Bley)
- Goggles (Dark Bley)
- Tactical Rifle (Steel)
- Compound Bow (Steel)
- Arrow Pack (Silver)
- Walkie-Talkie (Steel)

BrickForge Accessory Packs are a great way to dress-up your custom figs, outfit your brick-gaming hero or simply collect & trade with your friends. Most packs center around a theme or character and provide a better value than obtaining each piece individually. Elements are designed to fit most standard minifig connection points. Check the BrickForge website or visit any of our authorized resellers for availability. Figure/s not included.
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