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* Powered Assault Commando - Steel

* Powered Assault Commando - Steel
With insurrection mounting the need for an elite corps of super soldiers who could stem rebellion in the outlying colonies became prime directive. Building off previous advances in genetic science authorized candidates were subject to a series of biological augmentations, advanced indoctrination and grueling physical & mental tests. The resulting troops easily extinguished the insurgents resulting in a period of planetary peace. Tranquility was cut short by the emergence of an intergalactic menace from across the universe bent on interstellar domination. Now equipped with mechanized armor & a cache of advanced weaponry the Powered Assault Commandos are deployed to defend against the alien horde. Begin the battle and collect all the different colors!

Powered Assault Commando
- Powered Assault Armor (Steel)
- Powered Assault Helmet
- Powered Assault Visor
- Vambraces
- Battle Rifle
- Intergalactic 8-Gauge
- MegaGun
- Power Blade
(Trans Green)(Supercharged)

BrickForge Accessory Packs are a great way to dress-up your custom figs, outfit your brick-gaming hero or simply collect & trade with your friends. Most packs center around a theme or character and provide a better value than obtaining each piece individually. Elements are designed to fit most standard minifig connection points. Check the BrickForge website or visit any of our authorized resellers for availability. Figure/s not included.
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