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Potion Bottle Assortment

Potion Bottle Assortment
Does that elite mob have your toon against the ropes? HP looking a bit low? Pop a pot to get a quick buff and save yourself a trip to the graveyard. The Potion Bottle is a necessity for any hero or adventurer so be sure to open up a slot for it. Potion Bottle features five standard connection points useful for gripping, stacking, capping or attaching other compatible elements. Fits most standard minifig hands. 

Potion Bottle Assortment
Dragons Breath (Medium Orange)
Enhance Magic (Trans Neon Green)
Ethereal (Trans Black)
Health (Trans Red)
Invisibility (Trans Pink)
Mana (Trans Light Blue)
Protection (Trans Dark Blue)
Resist Magic (Trans Purple)
Strength (Trans Orange)
Swiftness (Trans Green)
Warding (Trans Bright Green)
Wildvine (Lime Green)
Clay Pot (Dark Tan)
Empty (Trans Brown)

Miniquins, MOCs and Minifig parts not included with purchase
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