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* Ninja - TerraSteel

* Ninja - TerraSteel
Reenact epic battles from a time long ago with BrickForge Historical Accessory Packs! Iconic, detailed armor & weaponry straight out of the pages of history - ideal for equipping your favorite hero or an entire battalion of troops. When you suddenly realize that you are outnumbered; or discretion becomes a necessity - call in the Ninja to perform a bit of interference. These feudal mercenaries trained in a variety of stealth arts are ideal for covert operations such as assassinations, espionage & sabotage. Each Ninja pack contains 10 skull-splitting, limb-chopping, gut-stabbing iconic weapons.

Ninja - TerraSteel
- Ninjato (Carbon)
- Sai (Steel)
- Kunai (Carbon)
- Fighting Claw (Carbon)
- Throwing Star (Carbon)
- Kukri (Carbon)
- Power Blade (Steel)
- x3 Mystical Weapons (Trans Green)

BrickForge Accessory Packs are a great way to dress-up your custom figs, outfit your brick-gaming hero or simply collect & trade with your friends. Most packs center around a theme or character and provide a better value than obtaining each piece individually. Elements are designed to fit most standard minifig connection points. Check the BrickForge website or visit any of our authorized resellers for availability. Figure, stand & spinner not included.
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