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* Tactical - Crowd Control

* Tactical - Crowd Control
Ahhh…civil unrest, the patriotic method of conveying anxiety to the fat cats sworn to represent our interests. If things get too far out of hand, expect the Crowd Control Police to arrive on scene and extinguish early signs of flaring tempers (or Molotovs). Shield, Uniform & other protective gear included so you can stage your own miniature confrontation.

Crowd Control
- Tactical Helmet (White w/ POLICE)
- Chin Strap (Black or Dark Gray)
- Tactical Vest - (Dark Blue w/ POLICE)
- Gunbelt
- Pump-Action Shotgun
- Taser
- Riot Shield (Trans Clear w/ POLICE)

BrickForge Accessory Packs are a great way to dress-up your custom figs, outfit your brick-gaming hero or simply collect & trade with your friends. Most packs center around a theme or character and provide a better value than obtaining each piece individually. Elements are designed to fit most standard minifig connection points. Check the BrickForge website or visit any of our authorized resellers for availability. Figure not included.

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