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Ranger Hat - Army Green (gold USMC ensignia)

Ranger Hat - Army Green (gold USMC ensignia)
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The Ranger Hat is a broad-brimmed felt or straw hat with a high crown, pinched symmetrically at the four corners into a shape commonly known as the "Montana Crease". Originating in the 1840s the Ranger Hat was formally introduced into the military ranks in 1911 and proved well both in the field and in the garrison, it was well received by all branches of the Army. It provided unsurpassed protection against the elements and when worn for this purpose redeemed it self admirably. However, with the advent of modern war it impracticable against combat conditions. The Ranger Hat is still worn by several U.S. State Highway Patrol services, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, The Boy Scouts of America, park rangers, overly-insulting drill sergeants and fire-conscious talking bears.  Fits most standard minifig heads.
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