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Pauldron - White (red Jedi Order print)

Pauldron - White (red Jedi Order print)
A Pauldron is a component of armor served to protect the shoulder, upper arm and neck regions against advancing blows. It can be made of metallic, leather or heavy fabric material. In modern times it has become more of an emblem to signify rank, allegiance, squadron or area of expertise. The low-profile, flexible design & details of the BrickForge Pauldron is suitable for any gladiator, band of mercenaries or battalion of space troopers bent on galactic conquest. Pauldron fits snugly between most standard minifig heads & torsos.

Our soft ABS plastic contains an additive making it flexible - but not stretchable. Excess tugging and twisting may result in tearing. Pieces broken due to excessive play are not eligible for replacement. Bending of printed pieces should be limited as cracking may occur.

Miniquins, MOCs and Minifig parts not included with purchase
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