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Elven Spear (of the Arcane) - Trans Neon Green

Elven Spear (of the Arcane) - Trans Neon Green
Perhaps the most ancient of arms, the spear was originally used for hunting and fishing prior to its use as a fairly versatile military weapon. The Elven Spear is a long-shafted weapon designed principally for thrusting, although many spears were also capable of slashing blows. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship this classic design has been made to create a nicely formed weapon - ideal for any of your custom characters. Elven Spear fits most standard minifig hands.

Inscription reads: of the Arcane
The source of thousand energies are revealed when grasping for this item. You gradually become attuned to the potent forces coursing through your spirit and quickly discern that such power can be bent to your will. Polymorph is a humorous way to jest a chum or temporarily remove a foe from battle by transforming them into a small, defenseless critter (an attack will break the spell!). Magic Missiles barrage opponents while Mana Shield prevents damage at the expense of spell-casting. Use Dispel to remove nasty curses or other harmful bewitchment. Power amplifies under effect of moon (UV) light.

Miniquins, MOCs and Minifig parts not included with purchase
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