About BrickForge

BrickForge is the result of an unstoppable force (armothe) meeting an immovable object (redbean). Together they boast a combined 20 years of minifig customizing experience, and have offered their unique brand of  BrickForge accessories to the LEGO community since 2006.

“We consider ourselves intermediaries between the community and the lumbering Danish company. For a long time the building experience has been the focus of creativity; but an increasing number of people are realizing their inner child through the role-play of the minifigs included in those sets. The mission of BrickForge is to fill in the gaps left open by LEGO and other brick-building companies.” – Armothe

“A lot of thought (and work!) goes into the creation of these tiny accessories. We do our best to consider ‘how would these look if LEGO made them’ and then we attempt to raise the bar even further.”  – Redbean

You are invited to browse our products via our Flickr page or in our online superstore which contains hundreds of different products. BrickForge utilizes a Verisign SSL encryption certificate meaning your personal information can’t be stolen during the checkout process. Please be sure to review our Shipping/FAQ policies prior to placing an order.

After you’re done be sure to sign up at the BrickForge Forum to engage in some riveting discussions on minifig customization. Tips, techniques and templates authored by our Forge Masters and Chief Smithys will serve to enhance your creations. Don’t forget to share some of your designs or enter one of our tournaments for a chance to win some really neat loot.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and your feedback is invaluable to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

-The BF Staff