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World War II - Military Police
WWII Military Police
- M1 Soldier Helmet (Army Green w/ MP)
- Backpack (Olive Green w/ US print)
- Ammo Pouch x2 (Dark Brown)
- Shovel (Army Green)
- Grease Gun (Army Green)
- Canteen (Army Green)
- Hatchet (Black)

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World War II - Super Soldier
WW2 Accessory Kits have been deployed and are on the march to invade your minifig collection! Outfit your troops with any of the different character packs - featuring scaled-down accessories like the Allied M1 helmet, stamped with different squad symbols. Whose your hero? The Super Soldier is the patriotic leader of the advancing Allied troops. Along with super-strength, cunning & inspirational slogans he carries an assortment of fundamental equipment like his trademark Stars & Stripes shield & prominent blue helmet. Truly unstoppable!

WW2 Super Soldier
- Soldier Helmet (Blue w/ 'A')
- Bandolier
- Stars & Stripes Shield (White)
- Hatchet (Black)
- Ammo Pouch (x2)
- Grease Gun (Black)
- Brass Knuckles (Black)

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Diadome Combat - 2 Pack
In a far-off universe the planet Devmitchjo is host to a series of friendly, spectator games called Diadome Combat. Creatures from all DNA fibers enter these competitions for a chance at fame and fortune. The melee games consist of either 1v1 or team skirmish where contenders apply protective vests & wield non-lethal arms in an attempt to score points by striking contact points located at strategic positions on the armor. When a successful strike is negotiated a signal light located on the back of the vest lights up indicating a valid point has been scored.

The Diadome Combat 2-Pack contains two separate Character Packs: Champion vs. Challenger. Stage your own battle or customize your own minifig using the colorful weaponry.

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Modern Combat - Squad Assortment
All 6 Modern Combat Characters for the price of 5!

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