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Water Wars Accessory Pack (style B)
Recreate your summertime backyard battles with the BrickForge Water Wars pack. Two different packs feature a multitude of multicolor accessories - some of which are exclusive to these packs!

Water Wars (style B)
- MegaGun
- Modular Water Tank
- Water Blast
- Spill/Splat (Transparent)
- Flamespitter (Rust)
- Intergalactic 8-Gauge (Trans Neon Green)
- Sub-Orbital Machine Gun (Bright Light Orange)
- Space Pistol (Transparent)
- Automag (Trans Neon Green)
- Water Pistol (Trans Dark Blue)

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World War II - Military Police
WWII Military Police
- M1 Soldier Helmet (Army Green w/ MP)
- Backpack (Olive Green w/ US print)
- Ammo Pouch x2 (Dark Brown)
- Shovel (Army Green)
- Grease Gun (Army Green)
- Canteen (Army Green)
- Hatchet (Black)

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World War II - Super Soldier
WW2 Accessory Kits have been deployed and are on the march to invade your minifig collection! Outfit your troops with any of the different character packs - featuring scaled-down accessories like the Allied M1 helmet, stamped with different squad symbols. Whose your hero? The Super Soldier is the patriotic leader of the advancing Allied troops. Along with super-strength, cunning & inspirational slogans he carries an assortment of fundamental equipment like his trademark Stars & Stripes shield & prominent blue helmet. Truly unstoppable!

WW2 Super Soldier
- Soldier Helmet (Blue w/ 'A')
- Bandolier
- Stars & Stripes Shield (White)
- Hatchet (Black)
- Ammo Pouch (x2)
- Grease Gun (Black)
- Brass Knuckles (Black)

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Medieval Shield Pack
Hear ye, Hear ye! The royal tourney is about to begin. All entries must display their coat-of-arms and present proof of nobility. Draw inspiration for your miniature knight using the BrickForge Medieval Shield Pack. Contains five iconic designs emblazoned across five brilliant colors. Arm your factions, amass an army or simply decorate your throne room. Shields fit most standard minifig hands.

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