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Military Shield

The use of Military Shields spans the course of history and is nearly universal amongst all methods of combat. Considered a handheld protective device, shields are used to protect against armed melee attacks and projectiles. Shield designs vary based on tactics and accompanying weaponry, but modern Military Shields have settled on a handful of basic designs. Used by many police forces and military officers, the rectangular design protects most of the body from relatively large and low velocity projectiles as well as blows from fists and other handheld weapons. Special Forces and SWAT teams use such shields in high risk entry and siege scenarios. Standard grip fits most minifig hands.


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Police Shield - Trans Clear (blue POLICE print)
The Roman Shield, or Scutum has come to be specifically associated with the rectangular, semi-cylindrical body shield carried by ancient Roman soldiers. The shield's curved shape covers the wielder's front and sides, affording excellent protection. The curved shape of the shield allows it to absorb (and deal) heavy blows, while the sides slope away from the attacker, allowing arrows and enemy blows to glance off without transmitting the full force of the impact to the soldier sheltering behind it. Bundle together to create the Roman 'testudo' or add our Gladius to achieve a perfect one-two defensive strike. Our Roman Shield is created without a center boss and smooth surface so you can apply your own design using decals, paints or other preferred types of mediums. Flat inside consists of a centered, standard minifig grip.

This item has a custom screen-printed design: White Strip w/ POLICE in blue

This is a Limited Edition color and will not be restocked on a regular basis. This product may become unavailable at any time. This product is eligible for sponsorship.

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