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A few of you placing orders have already noticed but our store security has been upgraded. What this means: Debit Cards are disliked, sorry. Unless all billing information on your order precisely matches the billing information assigned to your Debit Card – it will more than likely be rejected. Same goes with (credit) gift cards.

If you use a Debit Card and payment fails, the charge will not go through. However, the issuing bank will always put a temporary hold on that amount – which could last last a few days until the balance is returned to your account. This means if you use a Debit Card as form of payment, and you continue to hit ‘submit order’ and it continues to fail, you’ll wake up the next day finding several charges on your Debit Card. Again, BrickForge didn’t actually collect any money – this is your bank holding the various amounts until they realize payment was never collected.

Sorry if this is overly-technical but with the increased amount of fraud going on we felt it best to increase our security for the benefit of both BF and our customers. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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