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We had a few unexpected helmets pop out of the machine last week. The elves slapped some interesting icons on them and ouila!
These will not be restocked unless someone steps up to sponsor a batch.

In a far-off universe the planet Devmitchjo is host to a series of friendly, spectator games called Diadome Combat. Creatures from all DNA fibers enter these competitions for a chance at fame and fortune. The melee games consist of either 1v1 or team skirmish where contenders apply protective vests & wield non-lethal arms in an attempt to score points by striking contact points located at strategic positions on the armor. When a successful strike is negotiated a signal light located on the back of the vest lights up indicating a valid point has been scored.

The Diadome Combat 2-Pack contains two separate Character Packs: Champion vs. Challenger. Stage your own battle or customize your own minifig using the colorful weaponry. As usual……minifigs nor their limbs are included.

Diadome Combat 2-PackDiadome Combat 2-Pack

For the several hundred people that e-mailed us shortly after we ran out of Azure Blue ADU Helmets: We managed to uncover around 150 hiding in our warehouse (we think the Fuzzy Mungore confiscated them). You can snatch them up here, but remember; when they are gone, they are gone….unless the Fuzzy Mungore hid some more…..time to call the exterminator. Oh yeah…also….we think they look extremely awesome with the new Trans Clear Apoc Masks – ideal for anti-alien contamination & protection….Facehugger-proof if you will.


Recently released are the new Black Ninjato & Kukri with Silver blades! We weren’t sure which was cooler so we put them in the hands of a few ferocious fighters and dropped them off in the garden behind our workshop. Who do you think will win? Perhaps we’ll update our Instagram feed with a picture of the victor?

Ninja vs. Ranger

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