Featured Products – Ninjato & Kukri

Recently released are the new Black Ninjato & Kukri with Silver blades! We weren’t sure which was cooler so we put them in the hands of a few ferocious fighters and dropped them off in the garden behind our workshop. Who do you think will win? Perhaps we’ll update our Instagram feed with a picture of the victor?

Ninja vs. Ranger

Free First-Class Shipping: Oct 1-Oct 31

Hey guys! To help get the new Accessory Packs in the hands of BrickForge fans across the world we are offering Free First-Class Shipping whenever someone purchases two BrickForge Accessory Packs. Even better? This offer applies to both Domestic & International shipments! Character Accessory Packs contain a series of elements specific to a certain character and provide a much better value than compared to purchasing the pieces separately. Offer good beginning midnight (EST) October 1 and lasts through midnight (EST) October 31. Priority options won’t be available online, but if your order is big enough we’ll upgrade it at no charge.

Free Shipping on Packs

Cap is Back

Cap is back! The WW2 Super Soldier pack made a brief appearance two years ago and was quickly snapped up. Thanks to BF fan & notable author PETER CLINES the colorful accessory pack is once again available. After you hoard all the Super Soldiers you can, be sure to visit Peter’s Facebook page and read all about his awesome EX series about superheroes battling creepy come-to-life cadavers (yes….zombies).
Super Soldier

Super Soldier

Call in the S.T.A.R Patrol

Even though we’ve had a lot of things cooking behind the scenes here at the Forge we dreamt up a few new characters for your imagination. S.T.A.R Patrol is a galactic team comprised of 6 different characters – or ‘Super Soldiers’ whose mission it is to protect key areas of the Solar System.

“S.T.A.R Patrol is reminiscent of the early 80′s toy themes; I’m also a fan of the new STAR Citizen Kickstarter campaign. I was shooting for a ‘Red Planet’ type concept where the characters needed some sort of Hydro-Cooling tank on their backs to survive the dry, arid temperatures of their base planet. The Dark Red, Gold & Trans Light Blue color scheme really made sense.” – Armothe

All of the S.T.A.R Patrol Character Packs are currently available at BrickForge.com as well as authorized resellers. You can even buy the ‘Squad Assortment’ and get one of the characters for free!

S.T.A.R Patrol

Bronze & Black Phasers

Just a quick update to let y’all know that we have Bronze & Black Phasers available to better diversify your landing party :)

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