Chemical Flask Assortment Pack

Not to be outdone, the BrickForge Chemical Flasks also have their own assortment pack. What a great time to stock up your minifig laboratory. $6.00 for 14 different elements…awesome value!

Potion Bottle Assortment Pack

Before setting off on that long adventure be sure to purchase a Potion Pack Assortment. Includes all 14 potions for only $6.00!

Potion Bottles

Shredder Gun – New Colors

Alas! The Forge give birth to even more clever creations. Not only have we given the Shredder Gun a nifty silver blade, but we felt compelled to add an additional gruesome detail.

Shotguns Go BOOM

New for 2014 are some awesome-colored Pump-Action Shotguns. Who needs expensive over-molded products, right? The Yellow w/ Orange print is currently a ‘locked’ product. Stay tuned to find out how to unlock these special items.

Iconic Military Helmets

We had a few unexpected helmets pop out of the machine last week. The elves slapped some interesting icons on them and ouila!
These will not be restocked unless someone steps up to sponsor a batch.

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