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BrickForge is pleased to announce the innovative RiGGED system allowing customizers to design and decorate their minifigs like never before.
RIGGED (Small)
stands for:
Rapid – Interchangeable – Guns – Gear – Equipment – Design

The RiGGED system is a type of MMA (Modular Minifigure Accessory) structure and consists of traditional 3mm & 1.5mm peg & hole combinations integrated into quality ABS minifig accessories. Armors, belts, straps & other types of pack devices contain a series of 1.5mm pegs; constructing a three-dimensional canvas to which minifig enthusiasts can attach a number of other RiGGED accessories. The mix of which spawns hundreds of color/type combinations making each minifig more unique than the previous.

“MMA – Modular Minifig Accessories are clearly the next evolution of 1.5” scale figure elements.”
says Kyle Peterson, Owner of BrickForge Minifig Accessories. “Instead of a single piece of armor with various details molded into the design, the RiGGED system offers enthusiasts the opportunity to build their own custom body armor; where details consist of actual elements that can be pieced together to form a complete assembly.”
WW2 Allies - Rigged Dynamics (Front)WW2 Allies - Crate DynamicsCrates!!

BrickForge has introduced the RiGGED system with its recent assortment of World War 2 accessories. Wave 1 consists of 17 elements in 6 colors. The Field Suspenders and Haversack are composed of pegs while most hand-held pieces are molded with a corresponding cavity. In addition, most firearms have removable attachments such as scopes, magazines & bipods – useful for creating multicolored accessories. Quizzical fans can cut-to-the-chase and pick up our WW2 Wave 1 Starter Kit and test things out before committing to a larger purchase.
WW2 Allies - Rigged Dynamics (Rear)

System of the Future

Wave 1 elements like the Haversack can attach to existing BF elements like the Shock Trooper Armor & Tactical Vest. Wave 2 & 3 will introduce even more modular pieces with the RiGGED System spanning future projects. Stay tuned for announcements regarding future colors & wave release dates.

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