Armothe’s February Birthday Blowout Sale

Armothe is 40 life-cycles this month. In celebration we are offering all loose BrickForge items at 50% off regular price!Pass the word – your buddies won’t want to miss this special! Accessory Packs & Blind Bags are not part of the offer.

February Birthday Blowout (Med)

Dark Tan Shock Trooper Helmet & Armor

For your super-cool Desert Troops:

My Trip to BrickForge

We promised to post this once young mister Holden was done writing about his experience to the BrickForge World Headquarters. Our apologizes for getting to it so late!

“Now, call me a geek if you want, but I love LEGO.  So when I enter a store full of it, I don’t wanna leave.  I probably spent an hour or so stalling, trying to get some more LEGO in my brain.  And boy did I get enough. I got enough products there to last me a year.”

Read the entire experience here.

USCM Alien Bug Hunter

A new BrickForge character pack was recently released – the USCM Alien Bug Hunter! Looks like he is all set to exterminate some Xenos using is ultra-tech gear; including Flamespitter, Motion Tracker and protective Armor. Don’t miss out on this one!

Chemical Flask Assortment Pack

Not to be outdone, the BrickForge Chemical Flasks also have their own assortment pack. What a great time to stock up your minifig laboratory. $6.00 for 14 different elements…awesome value!

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