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Some neat bonuses worth mentioning. Following up on last month’s bonus: Glassware – we felt compelled to toss some splats your way. Anyone placing a $15.00 order will get a vibrant pack of x6 multicolored splats. Unlike the traditional ‘weaponry’ we often see from custom companies the splat piece performs wonderfully as a spill or spatter piece to enhance your MOCs. Did you know they fit perfectly onto a baseplate? Click the banner below to see how the offer works.

November Splats

November Bonus – Splat Pack

Also for November BrickForge is offering free USPS Domestic shipping on orders over $25.00.
What a great time to pick up some seasonal gifts for that brick-enthusiast. Both offers stack for extra goodness.

Free USPS Domestic Shipping

Free USPS Domestic Shipping

Twenty……thats 20! new World War 2 themed items were released on September 1st, 2014. This round we see mini replicas representing the ‘other side’ including a printed M35 German Helmet, two-tone Stick Grenade, Field Cap, Satchel, Modular Vampir rifle, and much much more!
WW2 Axis - Get Rigged
“Wave 1 was about the heroes, Wave 2 introduces the villains” says Armothe, owner of BrickForge. “Well, I suppose one could argue they were heroes for their country – either way minifig fans have a few more RiGGED accessories to mess around with”. The RiGGED system allows customizers to easily swap out gear & exchange accessories to decorate their favorite mini-troops. This series features items from various Axis troops: Fallschrimjager, Afrika Corps & Nachtjager.

WW2 Axis - Afrika CorpsWW2 Axis - Crate Dynamics (SM)WW2 Axis - FallschirmjagerWW2 Axis - NachtJager

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