As we make way for 2015 products we have temporarily placed all of our 2014 Character Accessory Kits on sale for 50% off list price. This is a great time to outfit your custom minfigs with quality gear at a low price. Since this sale began we have already sold through 75% of our inventory. Most of the accessories seen in these packs will not be seen again so if you see something that catches your eye, reel it in while you can.2014 Group (small)

Win Your Wishlist Contest

Win Your Wishlist Contest

Thousands of fanatics receive their favorite BrickForge accessories in the post each year, but do you ever wonder what happens to those well-intentioned wish lists that sit long-forgotten?

About this time each year BrickForge staff members send all idle customer Wishlists to the North Pole in hopes that Santa Claus (or other festive philanthropist) will grant at least one BrickForge fan their Wishlist. These lists are sorted by Fizzlewick, the official Wishlist Assessor, who helps determine which of the ‘nice’ boys & girls should be granted one last gift this year.

Read more to find out how to receive up to $100.00 of BrickForge PLUS a free custom minfig!

One Day Sale to celebrate Cyber Monday!
30 % off Loose Accessories and Accessory Packs*
From 11/30/14 @11:59 PM EST through 12/1/14 @ 11:59 PM EST
Quantities not guaranteed

*Offer excludes “30 Under $.30″ items

We figured it would be worth mentioning that a few new colors of RiGGED gear just landed at the BF headquarters. Because there is so much it’s best if we simply leave you with a list that links directly to each product page. Alternatively you can visit the WW2 section.

1903 Springfield – Black
Ammunition Pouch – Black
Bazooka – Steel
Binoculars – Steel
Canister – Silver
Canteen (w/ Peghole) – Silver
Colt M1911 – Silver
Colt Revolver – Silver
Crate – Black
DKL Sniper Scope – Steel
Dress Dagger – Silver
Equipment Belt – Black
FG42 – Steel
Field Suspenders – Black, Dark Bley
Flammenwerfer M41 – Dark Bley
Gas Mask w/ Filter – Dark Bley w/ Silver
Grease Gun (v2) – Steel
Hatchet Head – Silver
Haversack – Black
Holster – Black
IR Searchlight – Steel
M1 Bayonet – Silver
M1941 Johnson Machine Gun – Steel
Medic Kit – Silver
MP40 – Steel
P08 Luger – Steel
Pineapple Grenade – Silver
Round Clip – Black
Rucksack – Black
Satchel – Black
SC Radio – Silver
Stick Grenade – Black Handle w/ Silver
Sturmgewehr – Steel
Supply Pouch – Black
Supply Strap – Black

Some neat bonuses worth mentioning. Following up on last month’s bonus: Glassware – we felt compelled to toss some splats your way. Anyone placing a $15.00 order will get a vibrant pack of x6 multicolored splats. Unlike the traditional ‘weaponry’ we often see from custom companies the splat piece performs wonderfully as a spill or spatter piece to enhance your MOCs. Did you know they fit perfectly onto a baseplate? Click the banner below to see how the offer works.

November Splats

November Bonus – Splat Pack

Also for November BrickForge is offering free USPS Domestic shipping on orders over $25.00.
What a great time to pick up some seasonal gifts for that brick-enthusiast. Both offers stack for extra goodness.

Free USPS Domestic Shipping

Free USPS Domestic Shipping

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