Red Equipment

Not to be outdone by the Olive Green some misc Red equipment showed up last week. Consider these a treasure trove for those of you with all RED commandos.

Olive Green Equipment

Load up your Jungle Camo Troops! Small items like knives, daggers & pistols fit great inside the holstered slots.

Trans Light Blue PAC Visors

Here’s a nifty item you might find useful for your Powered Assault Commandos!

Knights Procession

Hear ye, Hear ye! The royal tourney is about to begin. All entries must display their coat-of-arms and present proof of nobility. Draw inspiration for your miniature knight using the BrickForge Medieval Shield Pack. Contains five iconic designs emblazoned across five brilliant colors. Arm your factions, amass an army or simply decorate your throne room. Shields fit most standard minifig hands. 
Knights Procession
Shield Pack


Sometimes we have some goodies left over from making Accessory Packs. Limited Quantities.

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