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 Post subject: Snow Soldier - History of Distorionus
PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:08 am 
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When humans started to spread into worlds due to overpopulation and pollution of their homeworld, "Earth," they split into two groups: The UN Colonies and the People's Fist. The UN Colonies was formed to govern all the human colonies and provide protection towards it's people. As the number of colonies went from dozens to hundreds, many colonies became less and less of a priority to the UN Colonies, and soon started what was called the Dark Spread (or simply, The Spread), referring to the speed at which the concept spread amongst worlds.

Soon enough, rebelling colonies found that they were not alone in their cause, and formed what is now the People's Fist.

Distorionus, or Deep Waters, as known amongst the rest of the human population, was one of the first 50 colonies of mankind. Before The Spread, this was a wealthy colony with one of the first military dedicated to Distorionus, not Earth or the UN Colonies. It has a total 16 Capital Cities, and around 300 other minor cities or setllements spread throughout the planet. Due to the extreme military behavior of the colony, they spent years isolated from UN Colonies' politics and events, the people of Deep Water's spent most of their time developing their military technology and cities. Deep Waters is by far the most technologically advanced planet in terms of military weaponry.

During The Spread, Deep Waters, now Waters for short, was a neutral colony, the only one of its kind. Both the UN Colonies and the People's Fist wanted control of the colony for it's resources, position amongst the other colonies, and most importantly, its military technology. Any military technology from Waters was coveted amongst colonies and the UN Army, since it was far more advance than any other and was nearly impossible to smuggle off-world.

And, as expected, both the People's Fist and UN Colonies fought for control over Waters. Most of the battles were on the world itself and the colonies surrounding it, making Waters partially war torn and without allies. Both sides fought vigorously for control, though neither of them ever got close to doing so. This was not because of the fact they were almost evenly matched. This was because they didn't expect Water's to fight back at all. They, on unlucky days, drove off both sides of a battle by interfering in a battle, and on normal ones, wiped out both single handedly.

This retaliation of Waters was called the Rampart Rebellion, which lasted from June 2137 to December 2162. Over time, any area of Waters became a feared warzone to infantry, politicians, and generals from both sides. This was due to the fact that a battle could ignite anywhere, and from what the UN Colonies and People's Fist have seen, Waters' Military could take out any force. Because of the militaristic side to Waters' society, every man, woman, and child knew how to fight and how to shoot a gun. The fact that UN Colonies and People's Fist Military was being defeated from being outnumbered by mere civilians lowered the moral of soldiers from both ends.

After driving out the fighting forces out of Waters, Waters pushed back from even 3 colonies out towards both the UN Colonies and People's Fist. They spent years defending their colony, and started to bite back to make sure they won't return.

Sure enough, the war continued between UN Colonies and People's Fist, with Waters caught between the crossfire and domination attempts. Now it is 2165, and we fight to defend our world from the conflict outside...

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