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 Post subject: BrickForge Galaxies, Challenge 1, All Parts
PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:55 pm 
Grind Guru
Grind Guru
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Challenge 1, part 1, Main Character

Name: Silas L Brokenridge
Occupation: Marshall
Expertise: Survival, Tracking, Non-Ballistic Small Arms, Irregular Warfare, Grappling
Species: Homo Sapiens Belua (Human Brute)
Formal Education: None
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 feet 7 inches
Weight: 200 Lbs.

Bio: Silas Brokenridge was born to Jericho and Ethel Brokenridge on the planet PC-001M, in the town of Saint Bau. His great-great grandfather had been a debtor, and was sent to the planet so he and his descendants could mine precious minerals to the end of time to pay for his ‘crime’ of failing to make his mortgage payment on time. Silas was sent to the mines at the age of 10, and often made his quota early in the day, allowing him to explore the surrounding areas and get to know them well. When Silas was 15, his parents were killed along with 57 others in a raid on their current mining site by the native, tribal, life forms, the Lokota. The current Marshall, Jethro T Brecken, took Silas into the posse that was to hunt down the Lokota raiding party. However, the Lokota had set false tracks and ambushed the posse, and a skirmish ensued. As the final native hit the dust, dead, only Silas and Jethro were left alive, and the latter was dying. With his dying breath, Jethro appointed Silas the Marshall, handing him the badge that meant a lifetime of service to the people of PC-001M. Silas did his job dutifully and well, and for a period of a year, there were no attacks. And then, a massive raid came, over 10,000 Lokota completely wiped out the settlement of Wilker’s Oasis, home to the descendants of many pyromaniacs and dissidents. Confederal Marines from the 117th Oresh-Mador Regulars descended from the surrounding Orbital Defense Platforms, to support in wiping out this threat. Silas tracked the Lokota War Party to a large village, and personally led the assault. When they reached the village, resistance was quickly eliminated. Silas was forced to stand by and watch as the Regulars slaughtered the Lokota women and children. When he attempted to intervene, 5 officers, who knocked him out and manipulated his finger to kill the last child on the site, restrained him. Ever since that day, a part of Silas has been haunted by guilt.

Part 2, Companion

Name: Stan Brecken
Occupation: Miner
Expertise: Cybernetics, Robotics, Mechanical Engineering
Species: Homo Sapiens Belua (Human Brute)
Formal Education: None
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 174 Lbs.

Bio: Stan is the son of Jethro T Brecken. He is the distant descendant of a serial arsonist, who burned down many buildings across Confederate space, much less mild than his many greats grandchildren. Stan is very good with machinery, and is often a member of Silas Brokenridge’s posses. He is considered to be rather small for a Human Brute.

Part 3, Planet, Important stuff in red

Name: PC-001M (Penal Colony 001, Mining)

Physical Features: PC-001M lies on the border of Confederate space, close to both the Union and Alliance. It had 7 orbiting bodies, all of which were destroyed and replaced with Orbital Defense Platforms that house large garrisons of Confederal Marines. Its surface consists mostly of badlands, with 2 fresh water oceans divining the planet into 4 similar sized continents. There are numerous canyons and mountains. The planet is very mineral rich.

Inhabitants: debtors, arsonist, thieves, dissidents, other criminals and their descendants inhabit PC-001M. Over time, the original criminals adapted to the harsh environment, becoming Homo Sapiens Belua (Human Brutes), an aboriginal human subspecies, who’s defining traits are all dominant. The special traits of brutes are: Average height is between six foot four and seven feet, Average weight is between 190 and 240 pounds, natural life expectancy for both genders is 60 years, very muscular, men and women have very broad shoulders, women have broad hips, skin is much more leather-like, children are born in 'litters' of 2 to 3 babies, and there is a special gland that produces an oily substance with an SPF rating of 50. Traditional garb consists of an unadorned, earth colored 1 piece garment (Jumpsuit for men, Ankle length dress for women), a utilitarian vest to hold tools, work boots, and a pair of goggles or a earth colored dude rag. Brutes have very deep, guttural, voices, and speak a broken dialect of basic speak. For example, when two 1 syllable words are together, they become on word, such as not to becoming notto (not-oo). Also, questions are often corrupted to the two most key words. For example Howdo (How are you doing?), Whatdat (What is that?), and Wherego (Where are you going to?). Third, THes are often replaced with Ds. Traditionally, brutes are miners, mining to pay for their crimes or those of their ancestors. Because all of their profit is taken by the Confederacy, bartering with small tasks or the commonly found archeological curios is an alternative to money. Brute courting practices consist of all single members of a community observing each other, and the male using their homes as a combination proposal-wedding gift to the female, with a religious ceremony occurring the next day. The people of PC-001M tend to follow a monotheistic faith. Food for the day is delivered daily to the brutes from orbital platforms, so that the prisoners may be starved in the case of an insurrection. PC-001M is also inhabited by the tribal Lokota, who hide their faces from outsiders, and appear human-like except for their hoofed feet. There are small reptiles and birds on the planet too.

History: In the earliest days of star exploration, the prisons of Confederate city worlds were too full, especially with corporate funded explorers who could not pay their debts. So criminals were sent to do hard labor on desolate but resource-rich planets across the sector, PC-001M being the first Penal Colony to have a mining operation. Most of the campaigns to take Confederate territory have been stopped at PC-001M, but not too many serious events have occurred. A famous band of magnetic levitation train robbers, who wore powered armor made by welding bucket metal over a power loader once proved the planet, but were caught eventually.

Architecture: Buildings are generally built from metal, and are half submerged in the ground. They have bowl like roofs to collect rain.

Exports: Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Gold Ore, Energy Crystal Ore

Figures to come this weekend

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 Post subject: Re: BrickForge Galaxies, Challenge 1, All Parts
PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:06 am 
Chief Smithy
Chief Smithy
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Cool. I like the wild west/prison planet take you put to it. It's cool you developed some tendencies in their language and the way you fleshed out your part of the sector.

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 Post subject: Re: BrickForge Galaxies, Challenge 1, All Parts
PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:16 am 
Chief Smithy
Chief Smithy
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Can't wait to see your minfigs of Marshall Brokenridge and Brecken!

Also, like the way you worked in their dialect and deep history.
This sounds great and should give you lots of room for development.
Your back story will help color our sector of the BF Galaxies well.

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minfig art!

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