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 Post subject: Brick Command
PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:37 pm 
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NEW AND IMPROVED SYSTEM. Improved with the advice of Mike Rayhawk.

Chapter 1: What you will need:

-Lego bricks and men (cruddy substitutes are acceptable but frowned upon)

-A place, the size doesn’t matter, but I’d recommend a square foot for every 50 points of men per a side

-note-cards and pencils

-a few 6 sided die, and one 20 sided die

-a ruler, it must have centimeters, because that’s just what I use

-a timer

-common sense, don’t look for loopholes, you know what I mean

This is all the stuff I have to list, these rules and a pint of fun are a given.

Chapter 2: Your soldiers, errr killer guys

How can you have a battle without soldiers? While, you could have people like militias, cowboys, tribal warriors, nazi hating archaeologists, and such, so we’ll just call them guys. A standard guy, with no gear costs 10 points. His gear costs extra points. You’ll want to give your guy gear, cause he isn’t too strong. Of course, girls count as guys, so yeah, no special name for them. All the guys go on 4x4 stud bases.

Basic stats: Minifig

Speed (how far it goes): 15 cm.
HP(how much damage it can take):1
Attack (Bonus to attack roll): 1
Cost(how many points for the unequipped guy):10 points

A guy can have several types of gear, but can only take what he can carry. So nice try, but no super mega trooper running around with four breastplates and a suit of CMC armor, holding more SMGs than the U.S military owns. Note, running out of ammo is impossible, and no-one fist fights. All range measures are from base to base. A guy may forgo the ability to use weapons to become a medic. Medics may attempt to roll a 15 or greater on the 20 sided die to restore 1 hp to a fallen minifig but only on the turn of the player who the fallen belongs to that comes first after the minifig fell(died). Make stat cards to show your guy’s armor bonuses and weapons and such.

Gear is in 4 types: Weapons, Armor, Morale Boosters, and Mounts

Here are some charts on the info:

Weapons(whatever a guy can hold):

Melee: A sword or something, a switch, a laser sword, a empty bottle: Range of, bases must be touching: Damage of 1: Cost of 5 points: 1 hand

Pole arm: Something like a lance, an electro-pike, a pike, a spear, the arm of a Polish giant:range of 2.5 weapon must touch target: Damage of 1: Cost of 7 points: Two hand(unless the guy is mounted)

Short range: Like a throwing knife or axe, a pistol, a laser pistol, a sling, a sawed off shotgun, ect.: range of 5 cm.: Damage of 1: Cost of 10 points: 1 hand

Mid range: Like a rifle, laser carbine, longbow, javelin: range of 10 cm: Damage of 1: Cost of 15 points: 2 hands

Long Range: A sniper rifle, crossbow, beam rifle, ect: range of 20 cm: Damage of 4 (heroes, vehicles, and such have extra hp, plus, overkill is plain fun): Cost of 20 points: 2 hand

Heroic Melee: ancient elven stuff, really big clubs, Holy electro-blade, ect: Range of bases must be touching: Damage of 5: Cost of 20 points: 2 hand: Heroes only

Armor (you only get one per a guy):

Weak: Leather, Bucket sheet, ect: Defense of 0: Cost of free, it’s the standard model you have to pay more if you want better

Medium: Mage robe, bronze cuirass, scale male, kevlar, ect: Defense of 1: Cost of 5 points

Heavy: Hardsuit, paladin armor, Persian immortal gear, ect: Defense of 2: Cost 10 points

Heroic Armor: Blessed Diamond Wargear, whatever a hero wears: Defense of 3: Cost 15 points: Heroes only

Morale Boosters (only one per a guy):

Slight Raise: gum, cash, beverages: +1 attack: Costs 5 points

Medium Raise: bonus checks, videogames, ect: +2 attack: Costs 7 points

Big Raise: jewels, gold, a cause, ect: +3 attack: Costs 15 points

Mounts(one per a guy, mounted guys go on a 6x10 plate):

Normal mount: Donkey, moped, another guy, floating chair, ect: +1 speed: +0hp: Costs 5 points

Good mount: Horse, motorcycle, speeder bike, ect: +3 speed: +1hp: Costs 6 points

Great mount: Warhorse, scout mech, ect: +3 speed: +2hp: Costs 10 points

Heroic Mount: Fel beast, Unicorn, ect: +7 speed: +5hp: Costs 25 points: Heroes only

Chapter 3: Gameplay and those stats.

Of course all those stats seem confusing, but they’re really not. Attack is simply the bonus to a die you roll in order to find out if something hit or not. Defense is the bonus to the die you roll to keep an attack from hitting. Speed is how far a guy can go(in centimeters). Hp is how much damage a guy can bear. If you need to use magic, see chapter 9 for details on offensive magic. White magic is the same as a medic, there’s no defensive magic. If a guy is behind a barrier 2 bricks high or taller he has cover, plus 1 defense. Barriers may not be climbed they must be knocked over or circumnavigated. Barriers include: Short walls, fences, shrubs, trees, ect. Barriers prevent melee attacks. Buildings are not barriers, nor are walls over 5 bricks high, these prevent an attack altogether. If a guy has two weapons, he gets to make separate attacks with both, or combine their attack for an extra d6.

This game is supposed to be fast moving, so your turn is limited to seven minutes, which is why the timer is required. After all, you’ll get bored if this takes too long and being timed forces you to think faster.

Let’s start with a sample turn featuring Joe and Bob.

Joe and Bob agreed Bob would go first, they decided by rolling a die to pick the turn order for the whole engagement.

Bob has a guy with a melee weapon, a slight raise, and medium armor. Bob’s guy advances his permitted 15cm to a wall and strikes at a guy with the same gear types under Joe who is there. Bob rolls a 4 on the d6. Joe rolls a 2 on the d6. Bob’s at attack is equal to 6, Joe’s defense is equal to 3. Joe’s guy is dead. It’s Joe’s turn because Bob has no more guys to command. Joe has a guy with a long ranged weapon, a big raise, and weak armor 15cm away, on the opposite side of the barrier. He rolls a 5 on the d6, Bob rolls a 2 on the d6. Joe’s attack is equal to 8, Bob’s guy has cover so his defense is equal to 4. Joe has killed Bob’s guy, earning a victory as Bob has no more guys.

That is a basic skirmish; the recommended point allotment for a skirmish is 400. That should give you 30 guys with good gear. Oh, and on a guys attack, two guys may focus fire, allowing you to roll 2 d6 at the cost of the helper’s move and attack that turn.

Chapter 4: Heroes among guys

Although most guys are barely worth their salt, there are strong, skilled guys known as heroes. Heroes have better stats and can carry out difficult tasks. 1 hero is required on each team, and up to 2 heroes are allowed. Heroes cost 25 points, but have better stats and such. Each hero must have a class that determines their accent and feat types.

The hero’s stats:
Speed: 20
HP: 5
Feat: May attempt something epic that fits their class by rolling 17 or better on the d20
Cost: 25 points

There are several hero classes:

The Supercommando: Austrian accent: May lift heavy stuff, dual wield 2 handed ranged weapons(no feat, it’s just a given), and jump barriers up to 3 bricks high as epic feats: think like a ancient Spartan leader a navy seal commander, Master-Chief, ect

The Rebel Leader: Cowboy drawl: May inspire all units within 15cm to focus fire with him without those units loosing their turns and inspire one enemy to turn sides(once a battle) as epic feats: think like George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jim Raynor, ect.

The VIP: Celebrity voice: All guys gain +1 attack(no epic feats): think Pentagon general, emperor of Rome, president, ect.

The Agent: British Accent: Can hijack mounts and scale walls as epic feats: think James Bond, non-infested Sarah Kerrigan, CIA agent, ect.

The Mercenary: Australian accent: has an attack bonus of 3(no epic feat): think Boba Fett, a landsknecht

The Warrior: battle tempered voice: +1 attack, can dual wield heroic melee weapons (no feat): think like King Arthur, a paladin, Luke Skywalker, that guy who killed the minotaur

Chapter 5: Artillery and Vehicles

Of course, sometimes, infantry and cavalry just won’t cut it. For that, there are other options. It’s always satisfying to roll in that heavy dwarven mech and loose your chainguns on a group of unsuspecting hussars. Vehicles attack and defend like guys, but do not benefit from item bonuses and the cost of the pilot(s), be it living or not is included. If you want FLYING STUFF, MAKE A FLYING THING THAT FITS IN 1 VEHICLE CLASS, AND ADD 10 POINTS TO THE COST. FLIERS IGNORE BARRIERS! THEY GET NO OTHER ABILITIES EXCEPT THAT OF NOT BEING TARGETED BY MELEE WEAPONS FOR OBVIOUS REASONS! Some heroes pilot vehicles and as such there are hero vehicles. Below are listed the cost of a the classes of vehicles:

Small Vehicle: like a jeep with MGs mounted, a chariot with archers, a futuristic buggy, ect: Stats:

HP: 3
Attack: 2
Speed: 20
Defense: 2
Range of Weapon: 10cm.
Damage (for inbuilt weapon):1
Cost: 20 points

Medium Vehicle: Like a siege tank, an APC with a turret, ect.: Stats:

HP: 5
Attack: 3
Speed: 25
Defense: 2
Range of Weapon: 15cm.
Damage: 2
Cost: 25 points

Large Vehicle: Like a Heavy mech, a German WW 1 fortress tank, ect: Stats:

HP: 7
Attack: 4
Speed: 10
Defense: 3
Range of Weapon: 25cm.
Damage: 3
Cost: 35 points

Heroic Vehicle: Like Jim Raynor’s vulture, an ace crew’s panzer, ect: This may replace a normal hero: Stats:

HP: 10
Attack: 5
Speed: 20cm.
Range of Weapon: 25cm.
Damage: 3
Cost: 45 points

Vehicles are good and all, but, barriers may only be taken down by artillery, some artillery is good against infantry too. When attacking barriers: 1 attack will remove 1 layer (1 stud’s thickness) from a barrier attack must take 3 turns to “load”. So here’s a list of artillery classes:

Light Artillery: Culverin, Basitillia, Laser Battery, ect.: Stats:

HP: 3
Attack: 3
Speed: 5cm.
Defense: 1
Range of Weapon: 20 cm
Damage: 1
Cost: 15 points

Siege Artillery: Trebuchet, Great Bombard, Ion Cannon, ect: May only target barriers: Stats:

HP: 8
Attack: Guaranteed (barriers are only legal target)
Speed: 2cm.
Defense: 1
Range of Weapon: 5cm.
Cost: 25

Chapter 6: Special Scenarios

Sometimes, you will want to carry out missions besides “destroy all foes, so here I have provided rules for a special mission. If you want more scenarios, make them yourself.

Cleanse the Zombie infestation: A scenario where you must fight your way through a zombie hoard to reach a checkpoint that represents a nuclear reactor.

-Create a play area 4 foot square

-At the area’s center, place the checkpoint (a 8x8 plate)

-build a sizeable zombie hoard for one player to control

Zombie stats(zombies get no gear):

HP: 1
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Speed: 7cm.
Damage: 0.5
(the zombie player should get 30 of these)

Zombie Champion Stats(No gear):

HP: 2
Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Speed: 10cm.
Damage: 1
(the zombie player gets 3 of these)

Alpha Zombie(No gear for this guy either)

HP: 5
Attack: 3
Defense: 3
Speed: 13cm.
Damage: 2
(the zombie player gets 1 of this)

-The Survivor Player gets a party of these guys:

Survivor stats:

HP: 2
Speed: 15

Survivor 1 has:
Weapon: Melee (x1)
Armor: Medium

Survivor 2 has:
Weapon: Short Range (x2)
Armor: Medium

Survivor 3 has:
Weapon: Medium range (x1)
Armor: Weak

-Survivors go first, and start on the edge, zombies can go anywhere to start

-The survivors must reach the checkpoint and have at least one guy on it for 3 of their turns, the zombies win if all survivors die first

-For larger areas, multiply the numbers of all zombies and survivors by 2 for every extra square foot,

Chapter 8: Using this to simulate Space battles

If you want to have space battles with these rules, replace guys with fighters, mounted guys with missile Frigates, Heroes with Dreadnoughts/ destroyers or whatever, vehicle heroes with flagships, and raise the hero cap to 6. Armor represents vehicle plating, ranged weapons represent ranged weapons, melee weapons represent cluster bombs, morale boosts are the same, the ships should be miniatures that fit on a 4x4 base. Barriers can be meteors, ect.

If you want wet navy battles, come up with something similar, like guys are gunboats, melee attacks are boarding parties, ect.

Chapter 9: Magic and Spray type weapons

Sometimes, plain ol’ weapons won’t be enough. You’ll want flamethrowers, greek fire, thundaga spells, and all that good crap. The method to make these is simple. First, get a piece of paper, and make a right triangle 5cm across. This is your template for AoE attacks like flamethrowers. The corner that forms the right angle is placed at the edge of the base the attack is coming from. This is treated as a short-range weapon, but takes two hands and costs an extra 10 points. Roll individually for each figure attacked, defense is ignored, only the defense roll counts.

Chapter 10: This is not for you if:

- You abhor violence
- You spazz out at the sight of plastic weapons
- You are not able to understand
- You take things too seriously
- You are a megablox lover
- Other bad things

Chapter 11: Any Genre Works, but here are some good ones

-Ancient times
-Medieval times
-the Golden Age of Exploration (natives would say exploitation)
-The 1800s
-the World Wars
-Any Sci-Fi
-Any Fantasy

Chapter 12: Good stuff to have around

You might want this stuff but you don’t need it to play

-A camera, to look back at the battle after it’s over

-Food, this could take a while

-Someone else to play with (it’s hard to fight yourself, your foe always knows your plan if you play yourself)

-Chairs, I know you don’t want to stand, admit it

Chapter 13: Setting up the battlefield

Setting up the battlefield is easy; make some terrain from Lego bricks for the guys to fight across. I’d recommend a good 3 to 6 square feet of space; it gets boring if you don’t have a lot of room to maneuver.

Remember, the more you put into a battlefield, the more satisfying the results. A battlefield can be any place really, an island, an asteroid, a prison, a mansion, anywhere. On a battlefield, each side should have half the field to set up for normal battles.

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 Post subject: Re: Brick Command
PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:05 pm 
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Cool! I'll have to try this some time. Have you field tested it yet?

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