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 Post subject: CustomMinifigs Review
PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:04 pm 
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Reminiscent of LEGO's Collectible Minifigs, is a joint project between professional customizors Shmails and Armothe. Each fig is special and unique in that Shmails personally designs each one and Armothe arms them with BrickForge weapons and accessories.



Each minifig is packaged in a medium-sized, ziploc baggie with a card insert. The front of the card insert features the logo and is designed to have the minifig displayed in the middle. The back of the card insert is a brief rundown of the advisory and also explains that each fig is made from LEGO with custom additions by Shmails and Armothe. So in other words: 100% high quality.

And now onto the minifigs.....

White Storm - Ninja

Click thumb to enlarge

White Storm is, well, a white ninja armed with some deadly gear. While he may look like some G.I. Joe reject, this guy kill his best friend for the right price. Perfect addition for your Ninja MOCs and Ninjago sets. He also makes a perfect soldier for frozen tundra combat.

- Custom head decal (waterslide)
- Custom torso decal (waterslide)
- Dark Bluish-Gray Bow
- Dark Bluish-Gray Sickle
- Dark Bluish-Gray Hooksword
- Dark Bluish-Gray Sai
- White Utility Belt

Price: $20.00 USD

Star League - Constable

Click thumb to enlarge

This guy reminds me of the Classic Space minifigs, but brings a more "rebooted" look to it. Taking over where the Space Police left off, he sets out to bring order across the galaxy while making quick stops for donuts. Perfect addition for Space MOCs, specifically Classic Space and Space Police.

- Custom Torso Decals (front and back)
- Custom Arm Decals
- Dark Blue MegaGun
- Trans-Blue Phaser
- White Gunbelt
- White Headlamp

Price: $22.00 USD

Umbaladesi - Medicine Man

Click thumb to enlarge

This figure I find to be interesting. His design is to show that his body is painted white, and scary to boot. Only problem I find is the hair, as it doesn't really suit him IMO. Perfect addition for Pirate/Islander and Adventurer MOCs as well as great additions to Indiana Jones and the upcoming Pirates of the Carribean sets.

- Custom Head Decal
- Custom Torso Decal
- Custom Arm Decals
- Black Hero hair
- Dark Bluish-Gray Tribal Spear
- Dark Bluish-Gray Tribal Sword

Price: $22.00

Zoran the Great - Gladiator

Click thumb to enlarge

Beneath all that equipment is a muscular man of greatness (hence Zoran the Great). Thrown into the arenas to take on Russell Crowe and tigers, this guy could probably take you down with one swift kick to the legs. While there is no Lego Roman themes, he is a perfect addition for any Castle factions.

- Custom Torso Decals (front and back)
- Custom Arms Decals
- Dark Gray Gladiator Mask and Helmet
- Dark Gray Trident
- Black Bandolier
- Black Battle Shield
- Black Scourge

Price: $22.00 USD

Judge- Marine

Click thumb to enlarge

Not sure why he is called Judge, since I do not play Hal.... erm I mean Space Marines. Armed with a gun and sword of plasma varieties, he will take down alien scum before you run outta gum. Perfect for fans of the Halo series.

- Custom Arm Decals
- Custom Leg Decals
- Black Powered Assault Commando Helmet w/ Bronze Visor
- Black Powered Assault Commando Armor
- Gray Plasma Blaster
- Trans-Neon Green Power Blade

Price: $26.00


Click thumbs to enlarge

Anthole is that really gnarly band you like listening to on your ipod. Playing music while drinking and partying is what they do best. And did I mention they have sexy, British accents? Yeah the ladies are all over these guys.

Bruno - Singer
Nigel - Guitarist
Bulldog - Drummer

- Custom torso decals (All)
- Red Maverick Hair (Bruno)
- Gray Microphone (Bruno)
- Green Hero Hair (Nigel)
- White Guitar w/ Print (Nigel)
- Blue Mohawk (Bulldog)
- Red & Blue Drumsticks (Bulldog

Price: 16.00 USD (Each)


These figs are one of a kind, and definately not something to pass up on. They each can make great additions to your collection display on your shelf at home or on the desk at the office. While they utilize waterslide decals, they can still be used for MOCs and vignettes as long as you don't throw them around, as they are meant for display and not rough play.

I do like all the figs, but my personal favorites are White Storm, Star League, and Nigel. And if you are that bold customizor, you can take them apart and use the pieces in your own creations. Nigel, for one, has that glowing, green skeletal torso, which can be used for anything like Blight from Batman Beyond or some fig getting an x-ray at the hospital. So many uses here.

One thing I would like to touch base with and that is the price. Yes they are not cheap. Anything that is handmade and personally designed usually comes at a price, and that is what most people do not realize when it comes to anything these days. However let me tell you this, it is worth it in the end and keep in mind that LEGO itself isn't cheap either.

More awesome figs will be made in the future, so keep an eye out for them! So why are you still reading this? Go to!

"Life is short.....customize it!"


ChocoBricks Customs
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